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November 16, 2005 Museum PLATAR in the limits ofinternational exhibition project "Ukraine to the World" was opened the exhibit atheadquarters UNESCO in Paris on the occasion of celebrate ofthe 60th anniversary of the establishment. Together with National Historical Museum were showed exhibits by trypilska civilization. The exhibition was held with the support of the President of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, General Director UNESCO for Culture, Chairman of the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO.


April 14 - July 29, 2008 at the National Museum in Warsaw was opened exhibition by exhibits of the Museum PLATAR. The exhibition consisted of about 500 units, which reflected in itself  all of stages of human development on the territory of Ukraine, from the Trypillia until times of Kievan Rus. This ambitious exhibition project officially opened by  the Presidents of Ukraine and Poland. This event has the support of both public administrations and scientists in the field of archeology and history of both countries.


In July 2008 Museum PLATAR was in quality a sponsor of the exhibition project "Orthodox icon of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus." At the opening ceremony was attended by two Patriarchs - Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus Alexy II and His Holiness Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Vladimir. Exhibition was held at three museums: the National Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve (Ukraine), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Russia), National Art Museum (Belarus).


September 16 - October 31, 2008 passed off an exhibition "Great Civilization of Old Europe: Cucuteni-Tripoli." This event took place at the Palaces des Kanchelyariya in Rome, Vatican City, Italy. In this project, which organized by Museum PlaTar from the Ukrainian side, attended and other museums: such as Dnipropetrovsk Museum by Yavornytsky and six Romanian museums, together with the National Museum of Romania,  National Reserve Moldova. By Supported by the Embassy of Ukraine to the Holy See, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine Izhevska Tatiana this event was held at the highest level. Was held conference at time exhibition in which was attended by leading archaeologists Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Italy. 


October 15, 2010 - February 15, 2012 in the framework of international exhibition project "Ukraine - World" held exhibitions in museums USA. In general, the project brought remarkable interest of American society to the state which has such a rich history of development. Shows of exhibition held in major museums:

• International Meridian Center (Washington).

• Joslyn Art Museum (Omaha, Nebraska)

• Houston Museum of Natural History (Houston, Texas)

• Museum of Russian Art (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

This project was realized by support of the Embassy of Ukraine, of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the U.S. Embassy of USA, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador  USA in Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

March 1, 2012

As a part of the international project "Ukraine for World" a two-year tour of the exhibition "Glory to Ukraine. Golden Treasures and Lost Civilizations" ended.


The Museum of Historical Cultural Heritage "PLATAR" and Charitable Foundation in memory of Sergey Platonov "PLATAR" " thanks for the opportunity and support in holding the exhibition to Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and National Kyiv-Pechersk Historic and Cultural Reserve.


We take this opportunity to express our deep respect and gratitude to the President of Ukraine Mr. V.Yanukovych,  Presidential Adviser, Presidential Administration Main Office for Humanitarian and Social-Political Affairs Head of Ukraine Mrs. A. German for assistance in strengthening cultural relations between Ukraine and the United States of America.

Especially we would like to mention representatives of Ukraine Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Mr. O.Motsyk and United States Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. J. Tefft, under the patronage of which the tour of the Ukrainian treasures in the museums of America was conducted, our partner in the United States - Foundation for International Arts and Education, and its president Mr. Greg Gurov for the opportunity to show the unique treasures of our country and introduce the history of Ukraine to American people, U.S.-Ukrainian Business Council for organizing business seminars and events of the grand opening of the exhibition.


The largest cities in the United States - Washington, Omaha, Houston and Minneapolis - delighted the exhibition. American society has received a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the rich history of Ukraine from Trypoilska culture achievements, acquiring the inheritance of Antiquity and traveling through the Great Scythia and warrior Sarmatia to masterpieces made by artists of Kievan Rus that impress with their majesty and importance. The exhibition was visited by nearly 2 million Americans, and this fact is an unprecedented event in the cultural relations between our countries.

And not only positive comments in the press, but also a high level of visiting exhibitions, show extraordinary interest of Americans to Ukraine and consequently promulgate our history and culture.
Thus, we would like to have such a great opportunity to continue this successful project.