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"Museum of historical cultural heritage PLATAR" created by modern patrons Sergei Platonov and Sergei Taruta.
The collection has about 10,000 unique artifacts that tell about the deep and important history of our country over 8 000 years. Only high culture, deep patriotism and unbridled desire to leave the homeland interest prompted the founders to collect and preserve for future generations a considerable achievement.

A special place in the collection sites - occupy Tripoli culture. Get to know them you can understand where, when and who laid the foundations of world civilization, began to grow wheat, tame animals, smelt metal, build towns and villages. It also represented a significant number of rare, unknown, highly Products - Greek artists, unique jewelry Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians and other tribes and peoples who inhabited the territory of modern Ukraine. A rich and varied collection of Roman period, Byzantine times, the period of Kiev an Rus reflect all stages of development.
Collection appreciated by specialists and may be presented for review of the world community.