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The Charitable Foundation “Platar. In memory of Sergey Platonov” was founded in 2005 year by Ukrainian famous patrons of art Serhij Taruta, Serhij and Mykola Platonovy by efforts which at the beginning of 90-th years by last century, for prevention the export things of ancient history from territory of Ukraine, were rescued by longer and laborious work for preserve the treasures of history our country, following the example of prominent collectors such as Varvara and Bogdan Hanenky, patron of arts Mykola Tereshenko founded Museum historical cultural heritage PLATAR, ponderable gift of things from private collection of Serhij Taruta and Serhij Platonov filled up collection of Gold Treasure of Ukraine – Museum Historical valuables of Ukraine. Enriching these initiatives the national’s museum fund of Ukraine.

By important directions of Charitable Foundation “Platar” are acquaintance of wide layers of population Ukraine, giving free access of all persons wishful and interested to information and participation in cultural life of country. Instrumental in the increase of prestige Ukrainian state in the world, what has one of the oldest cultures in European territory, supports the development of Museum case of Ukraine and publishing activities in culture.

The Charitable Foundation today supports measure for the reproduction of historical monuments of the nation with the purpose development of culture, protection and preservation national historical cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Creation and expansion of a single cultural space, covering a wide variety of side art Ukraine – is strategic of Foundation. For achieve this goals Foundation carries out next direction of activities:

  • Educational activities as a sponsor of exhibitions:

February 2005 year joint organization and conduct the exhibition of ancientries “On sunset of world civilizations. Trypillian civilization in Ukraine”  in historic architectural memorial museum “Kievan fortress”.

2005 – 2010 years about 3 000 things were presented on exhibition “To you, Ukraine!” in the National Kiev-Pecherskiy historical cultural preserve.

In July 2008 exhibition project “Orthodox icon of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia”. The exhibition conducted in three museum: National Kiev-Pecherskiy historical cultural preserve (Ukraine), the State Tretykov gallery (Russia), National Art Museum (Belorussia).

     Existing charitable programs:


            From  December 26, 2011 – in Lviv National Art Gallery opened the exhibition project of collection PLATAR , for today implemented three stages:

  • December 2011 “The gold treasures lost civilization”
  • March 2011 “Gold chaplets antiquity”
  • June 2011 “The Trypillian code” exhibition PLATAR in Potocki Palace for disseminate knowledge about historic past and for the sake of  funds for the repair of architectural monuments of world inheritance

June 2012 years within the framework of the international project “Ukraine to the World” together with  National Kiev-Pecherskiy historical cultural preserve opening exhibition “Glory to Ukraine. Golden Treasures and lost civilizations” about 400 things were presented in halls of National Kiev-Pecherskiy historical cultural preserve.

  •     International projects and cooperation with foreign museums and foundations:


Aprile 14 – July 29, 2008 at the National Museum in Warsaw conducted exhibition of things from Museum PLATAR. This event has received support from both public administrations and scientists in the field of archeology and history both countries. Contract from 31.12.2007.

March 2010 Ancona (Italy) with the support of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in Vatican Tatiana Izhevska, Municipality of Ancona and the Foundation “Platar” in the prestigious hall “Mole Vanvitelliana” within Ekumenychnoyi National Council, organized Italian Bishops’ Conference, conducted exhibition “Golden age of Ukrainian icons XVI – XVIII centuries”

September 16 – October 31, 2008 conducted exhibition “Great Civilizations of Old Europe: Cucuteni – Trypillia”. This event took place at the Palace Kanchelyariya in Rome, Vatican, Italy. The project was organizer by Foundation “Platar” of the Ukrainian part, presenting 150 things, participated and other museums. During the exhibition was realized conference participated with leading archaeologist Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Italy.

October 15, 2010 – February 15, 2012 at the international exhibition project “Ukraine to the World” in cooperation with the Foundation for International Arts and Education (Bethesda, Maryland USA)were presented in museums USA exhibits from the collections of the National Museum in Lviv by named Andrew Sheptytsky, National Kiev-Pecherskiy historical cultural preserve and Museum historical cultural heritage PLATAR:


November 2012 – in cooperation with the Louver in finding and attracting new partners for distribution and integration of Ukrainian culture as a significant component of the global historical heritage and the development of human civilization in Europe, as well as for future endeavors  Foundation “Platar” philanthropist exhibition “Johann Georg Pinzel. Sculpture of the Baroque in Ukraine XVIII century”.